About Us

“I may not fit your typical beauty standards, SO what?”
SO Lingerie is made for the carefree, for the edgy, for those who don’t conform to society’s labels, for those who aren’t defined by others, but by who they choose to be.
SO is for all the girls who aren’t afraid to be themselves.
We believe every girl is beautiful in her own way and that confidence is a girl’s best asset. We hope to inspire girls to be more confident in their own skin because when you feel good about yourself, you can influence and mesmerize the others around you.
Founded in 2018, SO Lingerie is dedicated to bringing you lingerie that’s feminine, stylish and most importantly, comfortable. Our bralettes are mostly wireless and non-padded/lightly padded, which makes it light and comfortable to wear all day. It’s so breathable it’s almost like you’re not wearing anything!